Kingham Plough Horses

The Green, Kingham
Chipping Norton
Oxfordshire, OX7 6YD
Tel 01608 658327

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Michelle Hardy Photographer

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Job Opportunities

We will always welcome people to the team who are passionate about their career in the dining world.  Without each and every member of the team working together we are nothing.  We are proud to say that many of our staff have been with us for over 5 years.  We always promote internally where possible.

We are extremely proud to have been awarded ‘Britain’s Best Brigade’ in the South West this year.

The thing which we ask you is:
• Do you love your job?
• Can you bring a smile to work every day?
• Are you passionate about making the customers happy?
• Will you work well alongside and respect your colleagues – no matter which department and what level they are?

We offer the following to all of our staff:
• Accommodation:
• We have 2 properties in the local town of Chipping Norton (3 miles from the pub).
• Rent is charged at cost, between £200-£320 per month.
• There is an excellent bus service between Chipping Norton and the pub.
• Excellent pay packages:
• Not only do we offer a good salary
• Tips are shared equally amongst all staff taking their annual earnings up by as much as an extra £5,000 per year.
• Days off and holidays:
• We appreciate how hard you work (after all we all work the same hours here), and therefore encourage you to take all your holiday throughout the year.
• We give you consecutive days off so that you are able to rest and play and not just recover.
• Opportunity to learn:
• We will support, arrange and pay (within reason) for any member of staff wishing to gain qualifications while at work, such as NVQ’s, wine knowledge, First Aid, Personal Licences, Food Hygiene
• We will always look to the team to promote when an opportunity arises.
• Rewards:
• The Kingham Plough has a highly dedicated team from top to bottom. We have been here for 8 years and are delighted that we are achieving as many, but more prestigious, awards now as we did in our first year.  Have a look at our Awards and Accolades page for more information.

We are always looking for hard working people to join our team.

If you are interested in a position please contact us on 01608 658 327 or