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15/05/2015 The armchair kitchen
The armchair kitchen
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May 13
How did we ever find it?
Our stay at the Kingham Plough happened by accident. The Guild of Food Writers was offering a day of tastings in the Cotswolds: gin, cheeses and smoked meats and fish, followed by lunch at the local inn. As I couldn’t go on that date, I contacted the pub and told them I was disappointed not to try out their famous cuisine. They offered us a discounted room and dinner on the house.
Breakfast included hand baked breads, Guernsey (rich cream) milk and little griddle cakes (see below). And that was before a full English breakfast. Those who don’t want the excellent bacon and sausage can try kedgeree, gently cooked, undyed smoked haddock sitting atop a little pile of spiced rice and a poached egg. 1/2
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