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15/05/2015 The armchair kitchen
The armchair kitchen
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The Kingham Plough
Chef Proprietor Emily Watkins has won numerous awards for this small establishment that she runs with her husband Miles Lampson. She is passionate about sourcing local food, cooking it with the latest ‘sous vide’ method to bring out the flavour, and serving it with style in the traditional oak beam dining room.
We were shown to our cool blue bedroom and offered crisp, caramelled biscuits with tea. Dinner started with an amuse bouche of croutons with venison or a local blue cheese with tiny caramelled onion rings. Starters include Crab Cocktail or Wild Rabbit Terrine ­ I chose Jersey Royal potatoes with little balls of Windrush goats cheese, exploding with flavour (see picture above).
Main courses include Lemon Sole or their famous steak with triple cooked chips. Duck Wellington (inspired by the famous beef dish) came with perfectly cooked duck breast encased in a mushroom 1/2

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